Dia: fevereiro 5, 2014

‘The Sing’, Bill Callahan

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“There is ease in death. I was reading – still am reading – the Tibetan Book Of The Dead as I worked on this record. I estimated how many years I have left on this planet and divided the number of words in the book by how many days I may have left. To work out how many words I could read per day if I wanted to make the book last until my death or nearby” (Bill Callahan à The Quietus)


The Sing

Drinking while sleeping strangers
Unknowingly keep me company
In the hotel bar

Looking out a window that isn’t there
Looking at the carpet and the chairs

Well the only words I said today are “beer” and “thank you”
Beer, thank you
Beer, thank you

Giving praise in a quiet way
Like a church
Like a church
Like a church that’s far away

I’ve got limitations like Marvin Gaye
Mortal joy is that way

Outside a train sings its whale song
To a long, long train long, long gone
Then silence comes back alone
High as scaffolding

‘Til the wind finds something to ping
When the pinging things finds the wind
We’re all looking for a body
Or a means to make one sing